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Shandong Binzhou Eight Horses Plastic Chemical Fiber Co.,Ltd., is located in Sun Zi's hometown of Huimin County, south of the Yellow River Bridge (Huiqing Yellow River Bridge) south, north of 220 national Road, east to Binzhou 40 kilometers, west to Jinan 90 kilometers, that is, the provincial road Qingzi Road and 220 National Road intersection, It is an important transportation hub in northwest Shandong Province and a national production base for rope nets. Beautiful environment, convenient transportation, unique geographical location. It is a wholly-owned private enterprise. More than 100 professional and technical personnel. It is a professional enterprise engaged in the research, development, processing and production of rope net series products.
The main products are: dense mesh safety net, safety net, safety rope, construction line, dense mesh protective net, sunshade net, anti-bird net, car sealing net, breeding net, engineering fiber, and other ten brands more than 30 series of products.

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